Dogs have always been considered as special pets because of the great influence they have made on people’s lives. Dogs are truly man’s best friends because among all the pets, dogs are known to form a legendary attachment with humans. The close bond pet owners have with their dogs is one of the joys of keeping these affectionate and loyal animals. Dogs, unlike cats are entirely dependent on their owners.

Because these animals form a strong bond with the human family they would not only expect to receive attention but would also demand to be with the master at all times. Because of this, dogs are dubbed as Velcro pets. Ironically, this close tie dogs have with humans is the reason why many of these animals are abandoned by their owners and end up in animal shelters or even euthanized. Because of separation anxiety a dog can develop destructive behaviors.

Barking, chewing, digging, house soiling are normal canine behaviors that a dog owner has to put up with. However, this normal canine behaviors becomes excessive in dogs suffering from separation anxiety. In a dog with separation anxiety disorder, the barking, digging, chewing and other normal canine behaviors becomes excessive every time the dog is separated from the owner. In severe cases, a dog that is having a panic attack for being left by the master can jump through windows or even mutilate its own self.

What are the reasons for a dog’s separation anxiety disorder? Being social creatures, dogs would always love to interact with all the members of the family. Dogs are seen following their masters around. Dogs accustomed to following the owner around would have panic attacks if the owner is not seen. Being pack animals, dogs must be made to realize that the human is the leader of the pack. Weak willed owners that have not taken the trouble to obedience train the dog have pets that consider themselves as the leader of the pack. On both cases, the dog would suffer from separation anxiety and manifest destructive behavior when separated from the master.

Abused dogs, abandoned dogs and dogs that have been transferred from one home to another commonly suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety would start to be destructive as soon as the master leaves home. A master taking a coat from the rack, picking the car keys or simply closing the door would trigger the dog’s inappropriate behavior.

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