Dogs have some pretty strange behaviors that at times amuses pet owners. Dogs are generally seen circling the sleeping area several times before settling down to sleep all curled up. However, some dogs would lie on their side; others would sleep on their stomach with all the legs stretch out. The flying squirrel sleeping position of the pet would certainly be very entertaining to a family that seems unable to take the eyes off the beloved dog.

Dog owners would certainly be amused if the dog sleeps on its back with the legs up in the air like an upended table. Among the sleeping positions of dogs, this is certainly the funniest more so if the dog is dreaming and makes pedaling motions with its legs.

Because of an affectionate nature, dogs are considered as man’s best friends because of the strong bond these animals form with their people. Dogs would always want to amuse its human family thus it is not surprising if the dog would want to provide the family with something to laugh at even if it is sleeping. A dog that sleeps on its back with the legs up in the air as if waiting for the ceiling to fall down would certainly be a funny sight.

On the other hand, a dog expert would know the other reasons for this funny sleeping position of the pet. Dogs commonly sleep lying on their back when the weather is hot as by doing so, the belly that is less covered with fur is exposed to cooler air. A dog’s cooling system is rather inefficient as the few sweat glands are only found on the dog’s paws. Thus in very hot weather a dog would loll its tongue to keep cool. Another way to cool the body is to sleep on its back so that the belly that is less covered with hair is exposed to cooler air.

Even when sleeping, the dog shows its affectionate nature. The family cannot resist touching a dog in a funny sleeping position. A dog’s most comfortable position is to sleep lying on its back. Dogs would only assume this sleeping position when they feel safe and secure. Dogs don’t feel so secure when they sleep outdoors thus they are not seen sleeping on their back. Dogs that sleep outdoors are all curled up. With this sleeping position, the dog can somehow prevent serious injuries of the vital organs from the attack of predators.

Sarah’s Dogs has more answers to why dogs sleep on their backs as well as information about first aid for dogs.

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