Dog owners are continuously warned against leaving the dog inside a car with closed windows as overheating can result to the death of the dog. But are you aware that your dog can get injured if you allow the pet to stick its head out of the window while you are driving. A dog owner’s tendency to have the pet around at all times is not surprising as dogs are really outstanding companions.

Carrying dogs in fashionable bags have become a trend. Dogs in their best finery with jeweled collars and leashes are paraded for everyone to see by their doting proud owners. Dogs riding in cars are ordinary sights but people will certainly notice a bespectacled dog’s head sticking out of a passing car’s window.

You are certainly aware that your pet is a very curious one. Dogs would want to investigate every interesting smell, sound and movements thus it would be ecstatic if allowed by the owner to run freely without being restricted by a leash. A dog in a speeding car would feel almost the same exhilaration it gets when running at great speed the only difference is that the dog cannot stop to investigate an interesting sound or smell thus to be able to enjoy the passing scenery and to take in the different scents the dog would sticks its head out of the car window. The dog only has to stick the head out of the car window to be able to take in the smell of barbecues and other foods cooking.

Dogs have the penchant to run and riding in a speeding car with the breeze cooling the head that is sticking out of the windows would be as good as running. Because of the very few sweat glands, dogs can’t cool the body easily. A dog would only stick the head out of the window and hang out the tongue to cool itself.

A dog wearing goggles and sticking the head out of the car window will attract attention. The owner of the handsome dog will be admired as well. However, allowing the pet to stick its head out of car windows is dangerous. Stones, gravel and tree branches can injure the dog’s eyes. The dog can jump out of the car if startled by the sound of another car. If you will give in to the whim of the pet make sure that it is safe. Teach the dog to wear doggie goggles and to use seat belts.

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