Give Your Dog The Right Stuff! He’ll Probably Lick You For It!

We all know that carrying excess weight (ie being fat!) isn’t healthy and balanced – it can result in strain around the heart and other organs. As our canines will probably consume every thing and (virtually) anything we put in front of them it’s not suprising that some of them are somewhat on the fat side! I like to spoil my canine too, but I do so with healthful treats or else a great run and bout of patting and attention.

The key, as with most things in life for humans as well, is a balance. Healthy dog foods include the things listed below, but some junk snacks won’t hurt as well.

If your pet dog has loose stools, it may possibly be needed to give him (or her) dryer foodstuff with a higher protein and fibre degree. This can aid the digestive system and decrease the chance of your puppy acquiring constipated.

Dog Health Food

Just as in humans, a diet regime large in sugar can result in diabeties which in turn causes all manner of troubles – a great diet regime is vital to control this. Ask your vet for specifics when generating major adjustments to your dogs diet.



A nasty illness that can be a direct result of improper foods for canine is really a type of cancer that affects the gut and colon.


To be safe, I suggest you consult your vet next time your there and ask if your current diet plan is OK. While I can provide general guidlines beneath, you will find all manner of elements that affect meals intake and kind. Unique breeds will naturally need a higher vegetable subject material, whilst others will probably be far more dependant on protein etc.

Health For Dogs

  1. Corn
  2. Green Vegetables
  3. Root Vegetables
  4. Peas
  5. Red Meat
  6. Citrus
  7. Green beans

    For best results, combine a dry or wet shop bought meal with some regular doses of fresh food – not only is this beneficial but also quite cheap to implement. To your dogs health!

    Ingredients Dog Food

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