Weimaraners are especially clever dogs, take it from someone who has one. They also are such loyal dogs that desire the attention of their owners. Plus, these dogs look genuinely noble and have some of the most stunning eyes in dogs. They also are especially on the go and it makes them ideal for any pet lover who is searching for a jogging companion. Their coats are also cropped and they are incredibly simple clean. Training is simple too and they are good at following instructions. When you have this dog, you should consider training weimaraners with a clicker.

Little Rock, Arkansas 10/14/10 – Madison Hartford has his own pet shop and she also works as a dog trainer in city center Little Rock. She has three dogs at home and each of those dogs have been taught with the use of a clicker. “a lot of dog owners do not understand the ease of training animals like weimaraners using a clicker,” said Hartford. “It is just that much easier to cope with, especially for pet owners who have a number of dogs to handle. When you have more than a few animals to handle, you will need something that can save you some time and the clicker will do that.” Hartford was also in attendance when the site – http://www.weimaranerproblems.com/training-weimaraners-with-a-clicker/ was opened.

Operant conditioning is the theory that drives the assistance of a clicker. The clicks are a fantastic approach to give the dog positive reinforcement that much sooner than saying ‘good dog’. It can also be used as an alternative to using goodies.  

When training weimaraners with a clicker, you should bear in mind to ensure that the dog takes the clicker as a positive. Turning it into a negative or a anxiety stimulus is especially damaging, but it can also quickly happen inadvertently. Negative reinforcement only creates a jittery and jumpy dog. You want your weimaraner to follow your orders out of respect and proper training and not out of dread. It should in no way be something that is about anxiety.

If in attendance is something that you have got to know, it is that a weimaraner can prove to be a bit clingy. There will also be those that have problems with separation anxiety. If you don’t take the proper steps for training weimaraners with a clicker, you may end up with a whiny and clingy animal. Envision not being able to leave your house for lengthy periods of time without having your pet become especially anxious. Deal with the anxiety and the dog you have will be an compliant one.

Notwithstanding their clinginess, the dog also has a number of redeeming merits that make them great for weimaraner training. One of their top virtues is their activity level. . Since the dogs were specialized to be hunting animals, this makes them enthusiastic for training. This also may mean that they will play for extended periods of time. If you have on the go kids at home or if you’re on the go yourself then the weimaraner may be the dog for you.

If the dog you have is older and untaught, don’t worry since in attendance is still some hope for you. The animals are extremely smart and this lends to them being effortless to train at any age.

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