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<blockquote>All right, you’ve at last gotten your loaded young pup outside the house without a serious incident and all you can see before you are the blocks of concrete. Where should you go? Manners and common sense let you know not to use places visited by people, such as kid’s play places, floral beds, city shrubs, and other scenery.</blockquote>According to a well-experienced Chicago dog coach, young dogs also experience some shyness whenever they potty outside. Other than, people around can distract them and prevent  them to be relaxed when pottying. Young puppies at their age can be taught on effectively releasing their poo in the proper place, instead of allowing them to do it on anything they would find outside.

What if cars are coming to and fro and he needs to cross the road? Will he efficiently pee? With a bit of training, it’s guaranteed.It is possible for your puppy to pee on the blocks even in the middle of a turmoil ofhurrying cars if he is well-trained.

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You can teach your dog another process. This is done by pulling the back of your puppy over the curb into the gutter where she can poo easily – called as “curbing”. But while she’s working on it, do not overpraise her as it may cause her to wriggle (getting her tail to get wet of pee) and get distracted. Just praise her with a nice voice and calmly.

If you find a mistake, don’t panic. Just work on it the next time. Smile up at people, and pick up after your dog. Don’t drag your pup over mid-poop and scold him for going in the wrong place. Instead, get him to the right place next time. Make it a habit and praise him; your dog will learn.

Life will be simpler if you teach your pup to potty on cue. Once he’s about to start urinating or defecating, calmly say the cue words he already knows and praise your pup. Give her a reward or compliment her after she does it.

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