There are many dogs for sale today yet we dont exactly know which breed to get. A famous breed of dogs known as American Eskimo or German Spitz comes in three sizes which include the standard size, the miniature size, and the toy This type of dog is easily recognized because of its triangle-shaped erected ears, almond eyes and a proportional body mass . This type of breed also has an amazing collection of colours ranging from pink to grey . They have a slightly elongated shape with powerful legs, and are not tall at all.

What makes an American Eskimo dog so special is because of its caring and social behavior . This breed of dogs is excellent when it comes to play around with kids and that is why they also are perfect to keep as a family pet. Another profound characteristic of this breed is that they are almost always full of energy and you would hardly find them being lethargic. Also, they are amazingly obedient to their master’s commands all the time.

American Eskimo dogs are easy to train and they learn the skills quite easily as well. However, it is really important to train them to behave in a social environment. For additional information on your American Eskimo, they can grow up to nineteen inches and can also weigh up to thirty five pounds .

It is really important to cater for their hygiene so as to avoid any health problems such as fleas and dermatitis.  In order to avoid such problems, it is highly advisable to brush their teech with a hard bristle brush as often as possible . Also, they must be taken for a walk on regular basis so as to avoid letting them put on weight. This breed is also famous because they are reported to not cause any allergies to human beings like other breeds of dogs.  

Another famous breed of dogs includes American Indian Dogs. This breed of dogs is usually medium in size with long ears, proportioned head, and medium almond shaped eyes. They have medium sized neck and tail and a deep chest.

With the passage of time, this breed of dogs is found to develop an intense feeling of association to their master and is thus amazingly and exceptionally loyal to their family. American Indian dogs have a strong instinct and are highly conscious of their surroundings. They hardly show aggressive behaviours and are always active and vigilant around strangers. It is important to train your dog so that they will behave socially and be a good pet to everyone .

This breed of dogs is usually healthy with no specific health problem. However, it is important to cater for their hygiene to avoid any allergies. These dogs are playful and are happier in spacious places. They must be taken out for walk followed by regular exercises. The average life span of American Indian dogs ranges from 14 to 18 years.

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