Prevent Heartworm in Your Dog

Canines of all breeds can contract heartworm disease that may result in death if not treated properly. The disease spreads when a mosquito bites an infected dog and then bites a healthy one. These tiny worms move into a canine’s tissues and then into their heart where they grow and reproduce. Undeveloped heartworms are sent to the bloodstream where they await another mosquito to carry forth this disease. There are preventions that prove beneficial in keeping your pet safe. Thus the disease moves on to the next victim. Daily exercise and routine bathroom needs expose them to nature’s elements.

Everyone knows it is impossible to keep a dog indoors all the time. Many dog parks are breeding grounds for heartworms due to owners being oblivious to their own pets being carriers. Canines are famous for eating dead rabbits, rodents and birds. Many dog parks that are not properly cared for become a breeding ground for heartworms. Do not let your pet eat their own feces or that of another animal. This is a common opportunity for getting intestinal parasites. There are several dog vaccines available that can be prescribed by your pet’s veterinarian.

Dog vaccines are available and can be prescribed by your local veterinarian. It needs to be administered on the same day each month during mosquito breeding season. Popular brands of vaccines utilized by veterinarians include Interceptor, Revolution, HeartGard Plus and Sentinel. Veterinarians warn that companies purchase these drugs illegally and then resell them to the consumer. Avoid purchasing them from an online pet store to ensure your canine receives the correct type and dosage. Preventative treatments can only begin if your dog has tested negative to heartworms.

Having your dog tested for heartworms prior to starting any preventative treatment could mean the difference between life and death. Results come back quickly and management can begin. This disease is only detectable after 6 months of exposure; therefore puppies will not be examined. Some veterinarians will want your canine tested every year depending on where you live. People that live around the Atlantic and Pacific oceans should follow this advice due to the high volume of mosquitoes. Treatment is expensive and not always effective if the disease has spread beyond help. It is healthier to take preventative steps in avoiding this debilitating disease.

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