Physical fitness is just as vital for your dog as it is for you.  If you stay in the desert southwest, you realize how gorgeous the winter time is, especially to exercise your dog outside.  But if you’re a year long citizen, then you are also familiar with the oftentimes excruciating heat that the summer months bring as well. And the mix of hot weather and outside activity that can show itself to be a deadly pairing for your dog.  

It’s not unseen of for the hottest days to linger for up to 5 and 6 months.  And it’s for that period of time you need to determine the best manner to get your dog his exercise without making him suffer in that heat.  There are 3 choices available to you for completing that goal.

1.    Swimming – If your canine enjoys swimming, this is a super alternative to a dog park visit or community walk.  Just as it is for humans, swimming is a joint friendly, high intensity exercise that assists in keeping your fit and healthy.  If your pup appreciates water but doesn’t like to swim, if you have enough area in your backyard, letting him run while spraying him with cold water from the garden hose would work as well.  Make sure he stays fairly wet from the water throughout the entire fun.

2.    Have him walk on the treadmill – there are a number of dog owners have actually trained their four-legged friend to walk on a treadmill.  Although the thought is weird, it is still a reasonable manner to exercise your dog.  And while teaching your dog might take extra  effort in the beginning, the benefits of this instruction will offer a great deal of satisfaction.  A note of warning, your dog should NEVER be left alone walking on the treadmill once he grasps the technique.

3.    Take your dog to the gym – Another option of exercise for your dog, which may offer the optimal advantage for you and your pup is to take him to a designated canine gym.  Phoenix has an indoor center that can be rented out for play and exercise.  It’s been appropriately labeled a “gym for dogs.” In there your canine can romp around and play the whole time the rental has been paid for.  The facility is Arizona Dog Sports and when it is not being used as a exercise yard, it is packed with classes where skilled trainers are dog training Phoenix and the surrounding areas.  It’s a convenient locality and owned by a woman who is knowledgeable and passionate about dogs.

  If you are looking for a way to keep your dog active, fit, and healthy during hot Phoenix summers.  These are three excellent ways to exercise your dog and supply him the workout he requires.

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