Dog Drooling Excessively

Although drooling is a natural act of dogs, not all dogs drool normally. People that love dogs certainly would not love drool. You are lucky if your dog is not a heavy drooler as if not, you need to constantly arm yourself with a towel to clean the slobber of the dog.

The salivary glands secretes the enzyme-rich saliva that aids in the digestion of food. Yummy food generally makes dogs drool. Some breeds though, like the Saint Bernard, Boxers and bloodhounds are noted to be droolers because of the skin folds on the mouth that traps and prevents the saliva from being contained in the mouth. An excessively drooling dog though will still be loved because of its affectionate and loyal nature. A remedy to keep the fur of the dog slobber free is to tie a bandana around the neck.

An owner of a normally drooling dog that has suddenly developed an excessively dripping mouth should be concerned with the change as it can result to dehydration. Additionally, the dog’s hyper salivation can be a manifestation of an underlying disease. A foreign object inside the mouth, a gum or dental disease can trigger an undue secretion of the dog’s salivary gland. It is necessary for a dog owner to know the causes and effects of the dog’s excessive drooling. Lethargy and breathing difficulties are telltale signs that the dog’s drooling is not normal. Headshaking and incessant mouth pawing should clue an owner that all is not well with the pet.

There are a number of reasons why a dog would drool excessively. It is probable that the abnormal secretion of the salivary gland is triggered by a foreign object such as a bone or a piece of string stuck between the teeth or a sliver of wood embedded on the gums or on the walls of the mouth. It would be necessary to remove the foreign objects from the dog’s mouth. Removing these objects though must be done with care so as not to hurt the dog further.

Excessive drooling can be associated with dental and gum problems. Abscessed tooth, gum infection or a mouth tumor can be the cause of heavy drooling. A dog with these gum and dental concerns would be in pain, have eating difficulties and have a distinctly foul breath.

A non-life threatening cause of drooling is motion sickness. Life threatening issues associated with excessive drooling are heatstroke, bloat, rabies and poisoning. Urgent medical attention is necessary for these serious health concerns to safeguard the life of the pet.

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