You don’t have to be professional trainer to teach the dog to roll over. Maltese, Shih Tzu and other small breeds are the ones commonly trained to roll over probably because watching these toy breeds roll over would be cute but consider the sense of achievement you will have if a Great Dane or another large breed would obey your roll over command.

Dogs need to have a well defined rank in a family unit because man’s best friends are pack animals. Dogs may want to be the pack leader but if it is not possible these animals would want to gain the good favors of the alpha male. The dog’s eagerness to please the master makes training much easier. Many training methods are hyped to make the dog learn quickly but due to individual differences, a method that is effective for one dog may not work for another.

A pet owner has to have two or more techniques ready. It will be noticed that some dogs would prefer food motivation while others will be enticed to respond to the training by the master’s attention and lavish praise. To entice the dog to respond well to training it would be a good idea to know the preferences of the pet.

A dog that already obeys the down command can be easily trained to roll over. Treat will make the training easier for food motivated dogs. Give the down command and after the dog is already in the down position, allow the pet to see and smell the treat in your hand. Allow the dog to smell the treat you are holding in your hand and then slowly bring the hand to the side of the head and over the dog’s body. The treat becomes the motivation that will make the dog roll over. Once the dog is seen rolling over, the command must be given and afterwards the treat must be given. Immediately bring the hand with the treat close to the dog’s body if the pet tries to stand up.

Repeat the training session whenever possible. Remember, dogs have short attention spans and it would be necessary to make the training enjoyable. Training the dog to roll over is not an easy task that can be accomplished at once but with lots of patience and determination, a pet owner would soon have a pet that other dog owners would want to have. Dogs cannot read people’s mind but a persistent pet owner can make the dog understand what must be done.

Sarah’s Dogs has more information on how to teach a dog to roll over as well as dog first aid.

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