Ways to help a limping dog

How can you help a limping pet? Limping dogs are obviously in pain. A dog owner has to know what makes the dog limp to be able to find ways to help the pet. Dog owners know that their pets have high exercise requirements because these animals are very energetic. Inactive or bored dogs becomes uncontrollable thus dog owners ensure that the pet is regularly provided with opportunities to exercise. Movement makes a limping dog uncomfortable so how can the pet meet its exercise requirement?

There are many reasons why a dog would limp. Nothing much can be done if the limp is caused by a broken bone as this case would naturally need a vet’s knowhow. Other reasons for the dog’s impaired mobility can be determined by a pet owner by doing a thorough hands-on examination on the dog. Home remedies can be given to a limping dog if the pain and discomfort is caused by a torn toenail, by a thorn embedded on foot pads or simply by a rock that is lodged between the toes. To ease the dog’s discomfort you simply need to remove the thorn, clean the wound with warm water and apply antibiotic ointment. These kinds of wounds heal fast and after a day or two the dog would be its usual energetic self.

Because dogs are very energetic, soft tissue trauma or what is commonly known as pulled muscles and sprains are common. Sprains or soft tissue trauma does not really need a vet consult as the condition can be righted simply by letting the dog rest. But knowing how energetic dogs are, a dog owner may find it hard to restrain the limping pet. Confining the dog to a crate would force the dog to rest.

Limping can be associated with the advancing age of the dog. Mature dogs similar to old people are weighed down by pain associated with the deterioration of joints and ligaments . Impaired mobility and limping is seen in dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and abnormality of hip and leg bones.

These cases would put the pet under agonizing pain thus a pet owner has to bring the pet to a veterinary facility as soon as possible so that the pain the dog is suffering from can be alleviated. X-rays and a thorough medical examination will be necessary to give proper diagnosis. Vets commonly prescribe pain medications to ease the pain that is felt by the dog.

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