Why are grapes harmful to dogs?

Dog owners should not allow the pet to eat grapes because of the fruit’s potential harmful effects. No one really knows why dogs should not be allowed to eat these red, green and black sweet fruits. The toxicity of grapes to dogs was verified although studies have failed to establish the cause of toxicity. Although the toxin in grapes is unknown, a twelve month study period has verified that grapes have indeed caused renal failure. Dogs affected by grape toxicity will be in pain due to inability to pass urine thus dogs that do not respond well to treatment are oftentimes put to sleep.

People love to eat grapes and raisins – and why not, grapes are delicious and contains loads of nutrients and vitamins. Grapes are good source of antioxidants. Oxidant or free radicals are the good cells that turned into rebellious cells because of the unhealthy lifestyle of people . Oxidants owe their existence to unhealthy food, alcohol, pollution and exposure to harmful rays of the sun. As good cells get contaminated by the bad cells or by the free radicals, people then suffer from health concerns like arthritis, heart diseases, cancer and many other more health concerns.

Grapes are good sources of antioxidants that prevent the oxidants from causing more harm to the healthy cells of the body. Now many people are aware of this fact but nevertheless, grapes are consumed in large quantities. These fruits, apart from being delicious have low calorie content thus weight watchers can eat as much grapes as they want without worrying about increased waistlines.

Not so long ago, grapes are not considered as harmful to dogs. Grapes were once given to dogs as treats and some pet owners would argue that nothing happened to their pets. Scientists and pet owners are puzzled as the toxicity of grapes do not affect all dogs. While some dogs can get away with eating a lot of grapes some dogs will manifest toxicity symptoms by eating just a few. Unlike chocolates, the toxicity effect of grapes to canines is not dose dependent.

A dog that was affected by the toxic contents of grapes would start to show a change in behavior. Hyperactivity that is followed by depression and sluggishness are the first obvious signs. The dog may vomit and have diarrhea. A dog affected by the toxins found in grapes would need immediate medical treatment. Because the kidneys can no longer perform its function of filtering toxins, the dog will suffer from renal failure that can result to the death of the dog

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