Purchasing a new Golden Retriever puppy is an exciting time . These dogs are so well behaved and can fit into nearly any household , no matter if there are kids in the home or even other dogs. Many people use their Golden Retrievers to help them do their hunting or to aid them as a service dog . These dogs are very smart  and can be very useful as working dogs as well as being a much loved part of your family.

When you decide to find the Golden Retriever that will work well for your family you should research,research, research and research some more. . There are a few different breeders for Golden Retrievers and there are differences between each of them. By finding out where the puppy has come from before you purchase it, you can avoid spending your money on a dog that may be challenged mentally or physically .

One type of breeder is referred to as a backyard breeder. The backyard breeder is someone who breeds dogs soley for sale and for profit, while neglecting the health and well-being of their dogs . These breeders do not keep their dogs as part of their families and show them love. They simply encourage breeding and then keep the puppies and parents in cramped, filthy and miserable conditions . While they may be able to offer you a lower price for the dogs, the problems that may come with it can cost you a lot more than you bargained for .

If you have found a puppy that you love at a pet store , you should find out where they got the puppy. Many pet shops and kennels get their puppies from places called puppy mills. This is basically a mass breeding facility that keeps dogs in cages and let them out to breed and give birth. They do not provide a loving atmosphere for the puppies to grow into their personalities. They often lock dogs in small, cramped cages until they can ship them off to the pet stores and kennels. My advice is- do not buy your dog from a pet shop .

Purchasing a dog from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder can mean that you have spent your money on a dog that has had a traumatic life already. They may be shy around people or have anxiety issues that can lead to them biting or attacking a loved one such as a child. This is not the best way to begin a relationship with your new pet.

If you are looking for a Golden Retriever that is well adjusted and that will have the sweet personality that Golden Retrievers are known for then you should seek out a authentic breeder. There are ways to tell if you are dealing with a authentic breeder.

They will have their puppies and the parent dogs in their home and as a part of their family.

They will also be very particular about who they sell the puppies to. If you cannot provide them with a safe and healthy environment then the breeder will refuse to sell the puppy to you. These people really care for the safety and well being of the dogs and this is the best type of person to purchase a Golden Retriever from.

Kevin Taylor is a Golden Retriever Trainer and breeding enthusiast , and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby by sharing information on golden retriever dog breeders 

His newest book,”The Ultimate Golden Retriever Training & Care Guide,” teaches Golden Retriever owners and trainers everything they need to know about training and caring for their pet. www.goldenretrievercentre.com


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