Three Ideas Which will Have Your pet dog GreetingYou and your Home Guests On Normal Levels



When your dog is happy to see you or someone else, they will often display it by jumping. This can be quite dangerous if for example the dog is heavy and large.  After all, your puppy is going to make a big vertical plunge and that’s typically mainly because they’re built to do this. Yet, if you desire to prevent your pet dog from jumping on people, you’ll want to first figure out how to stop your dog from jumping on people.  You definitely don’t want him/her in your family and friends’ faces all the time.


Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a brain surgery degree to find out exactly how to avoid stop your dog from jumping on people. It is, in fact, easy and simple thing to end any time it pertains to your canine friend. Do you really need to discover how to stop your dog from jumping on people? Utilize the following 3 ways to help control your dog’s jumping behavior today.


How To stop Your canine From Jumping On People: 3 Important Ideas to Gain Control Over Your Dog’s Bad Jumping Habits


1 – The reason why Is Your Dog Jumping


Okay… most people think they understand why their dog is jumping but if you would like to know how to stop your dog from jumping… you undoubtedly have to know exactly why your dog is jumping. There is always a reason for the jump. After all, they don’t do it because they want to be in your face.  The main reason is that they’re wanting to be assertive and dominant over new people in your home. Your pet wants those people to know he/she is the alpha and he/she controls the space.


It’s not always the case that your puppy is jumping on people to show dominance over them. Occasionally dogs doing it to be nearer to the person so as to welcome them. Keep in mind that most dogs sniff around one another’s faces to say hello so it should be of no great surprise they do it with humans too.


They might also be jumping up on your guests simply because someone, in the past, rewarded them for that behavior.  If you reward your pet dog for jumping up, you’re basically showing him/her that it’s acceptable to do. That’s not really what you want to do. This is quite important to keep in mind when you learning how to stop your dog from jumping on people.


2 – Time to Stop Your Dog’s Jumping


Now, it’s time to discover how to stop your dog from jumping on people. The very first thing you need to do is to stop acting like returning home is an issue. Yes! You’re home but it’s just another day. You certainly don’t want your dog jumping on you as soon as you get home so if you don’t make a big deal out of it… nor will your puppy. As a result, whenever other people come over, he/she will know it’s merely another individual in the house. After all, you don’t want her jumping on children or seniors who come into your property.


How can you get him/her to understand that you’re family home and that it’s not that extremely an issue? Upon your getting home, wait about 15 minutes before you decide to say hello to your canine. By doing this, you disassociate your coming home from their enthusiastic behavior. It’s also advisable to get down on the ground level (with them) to say your hellos.


If your puppy is simply attempting to reach your face to give you greetings, you really should get right down to his/her level and permit them to do it that way. If you get rid of the jumping need for greeting, you can show him/her that greetings should only be performed at this low level.


Be sure you teach the dog certain instructions for him/her to answer to, because they could be very valuable.  First train your dog how to sit and stay… next show them the “off” command. This command will certainly tell them straight away you don’t want them on you or other people for that matter. This is a extremely important “how to prevent your dog from jumping on people” suggestion.


3 – Get Your Dog Familiar with The “Off” Command


Now if you’re wanting to learn how to stop your dog from jumping on people, you have to teach them the all-important “off” command.  The moment your dog jumps on you, command him/her “off”. It’ll take a while for them to comprehend it and this could be irritating for you. On the other hand, the second they get down, reward them for it by presenting them a treat and reward.


Be consistent in your teachings with the new command. Allow everybody who comes in to the home and lives there to stay with it which means that your puppy won’t grow to be mixed up. Your puppy will discover much quicker the command if everyone sticks by it.


You don’t want anyone to get hurt because your dog is jumping on them. Jumping dogs can be quite upsetting to little ones and the elderly because they can fall over. Thus, you must know how to stop your dog from jumping on people and make them learn what exactly is not acceptable as quickly as possible. Believe it or not, your dog will probably pick up on this rule somewhat quickly… so long as you are consistent.




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