Degenerative joint inflammation or Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common bone affliction in dogs. It is painful and worsens over time, continually degrading the flexibility of your pet. As your dog grows older, he grows more prone to this disease and might be triggered by an injury or, for a select number of breeds, have it genetically coded into them. Left untreated, it can permanently disable your pet and be eventually fatal. There are available pain treatment medication in the market like Deramaxx for dogs. These are ingested everyday more like a maintenance as OA is incurable.

Spotting the signs of OA is generally easy. Getting challenged by simple actions like going up and down the stairs or getting on and off of cars is a good example. Shorter stamina where she can no longer complete your usual jogging routes also tell the tale. She may find it hard to stretch out and move right after waking up or hobble and lean on a leg after exercise. She may want to sit longer and you find her always restive and lethargic. She cringes at your touch and finds sleeping hard. These are all OA warning signs that you can notice. Take her to vet immediately and ask how Deramaxx for dogs can alleviate her suffering. Be mindful of these changes as these can be slight alterations in behavior that we tend to overlook until it is too late. Observe keenly as some of these changes may be misinterpreted as simply signs of old age, a popular myth in pets.

Do not panic if you are told that your furry best friend has OA. Visit and get all the help you need. With proper medication, you can handle this ailment and improve your beloved pet’s quality of life. It is important to take stock of some very important maintenance activities that can really help your dog through this ordeal. Make sure he get proper nutrition and remains at an optimal weight as excess pounds can further put stress n the degenerating joints while shedding weight may mean that he is growing weaker. Take him out for walks and avoid over-exertion. These exercises should not put excessive stress on her and tire her out, remember, you just want her to keep an active lifestyle. Schedule regular check ups with your vet to monitor your dogs condition. Finally, show her that you love her and show with affection, she deserves it.

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