How to bandage an injured dog

A first aid kit is a must in a home with animals. A first aid kit enables a dog owner to administer emergency care to the injured pet. The pet’s first aid kit has to have medications, equipments and different sizes of bandages. Applying bandage is a basic skill that must be learned by a dog owner as these very active animals are prone to accidents that can result to fractures and to wounds.

Bandages are used for a variety of reasons. It would be a challenge to prevent the dog from moving thus the injured body part usually sustains another trauma. Bandage will immobilize the wounded or the fractured body part. Bandage keeps the wound clean thus infection is prevented. Additionally because of the pressure the bandage exerts on the wound, swelling is prevented as well. This first aid measure will stop the bleeding of wounds and stabilize fractures before the vet can work on the dog’s injuries. The effectiveness of bandage as a first aid method will be diminished if the bandage is incorrectly applied.

Correct bandage application has to be learned by every pet owner. The pet can be restrained while the bandage is being applied but the concern would be on how to keep the bandage on. The adhesive bandage we humans use would be ineffective for our furry friends. Dogs would not know the benefits they can gain from this first aid treatment thus the bandage will be removed. When applying the bandage the owner has to make sure that it would stay in place.

Dirty wound must not be covered with bandage. It is necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect the wound before the application of bandage. Dry the affected area and cover the wound with a double strip of gauze. The strip of gauze that covers the wound has to be wrapped with several layers of gauze and secured with medical tape. To prevent the bandage from slipping, the adhesive tape must be connected both to the bandage and to the dog’s fur.

Severe bleeding of wound can be controlled with bandaging. By wrapping the wound with layers of gauze, pressure that stems the bleeding is applied. However, the bandage must not be applied too tight to cut off circulation. A wound can get infected if the bandage is not kept clean and dry thus it has to be regularly checked. Bad odor and swelling of the wound are signs of infection. Keeping the dog indoors while the injury is healing will lessen the risk of infection as the bandage will be kept clean and dry.

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