How to stop dog aggression

Aggression is an instinctual behavior of dogs. Aggression is not only necessary when dogs are hunting their prey but it is also a most valuable trait that allows dogs to fight their predators. Aggression is a necessary asset that enables dogs to stay alive in the wild. However, in today’s society dog aggression is unacceptable as this unwanted behavior can have potentially dangerous consequences. Managing the dog’s aggressive behavior is of vital importance.

Dogs are human’s most wonderful companions. These wonderful loyal companions are not only found in most homes but considered as family members as well. Dogs are renowned for being the most ideal choice for a pet but one that manifests an aggressive behavior would certainly cause its owners great problems. Dogs are well loved pets but due to aggression an owner may decide to put the dog to sleep especially if it has already caused serious injuries to the family members. Of course an owner can find ways to manage the aggression of the dog so that the situation will not have such a tragic end. The first step to stop the dog’s aggressive behavior is to understand what causes the aggression. It will never be a good idea to physically punish a dog whose aggression has caused a person serious injuries. Physical punishment may even worsen the dog’s aggression.

If a well behaved friendly pet has suddenly started growling, snapping and biting people a vet visit is necessary. A health concern may be the reason why a friendly and well mannered dog has suddenly become aggressive. Stressed with pain, a usually friendly dog can bite when touched. Intact dogs are highly territorial and dominant thus spaying or neutering is believed to lessen the dog’s aggression.

A situation in the environment can provoke a dog to be aggressive. Dogs are food motivated and very territorial. It is just natural for dogs to react aggressively if it feels that is territory or its food is threatened. The situation can be prevented if the dog is not exposed to such conditions.

Dog aggression is one of the common reasons why many dogs are put to sleep every year. It would be hard but dog’s aggression can be managed. The dog has to undergo socialization and obedience training to enhance its patience threshold. Dog owners will be overwhelmed with the task of managing the pet’s aggression. A professional dog trainer and an animal behaviorist will provide invaluable help in starting an aggressive behavior modification program.

How do you stop dog aggression? This and questions about dog first aid are answered at Sarah’s Dogs.

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