You thought of giving the girlfriend a puppy for your 1st monthsary. Flowers, the $120/pound chocolates and an adorable cuddly puppy was placed in a beribboned basket. Apparently, the notion that dogs and chocolates is a bad combination is true. The dog has eaten the chocolates! Would you rush the pet to the vet?

Chocolate is a comfort food thus most households would have a cache of this favorite sweet indulgence. It is therefore not uncommon for dogs to ingest this natural poison. Many dog owners have not heard about chocolate poisoning thus the pet will be allowed to have a bite of the chocolate bar and allowed to have a slice of the Black Forest cake. Dogs are not only well loved pets, they are also considered as members of the family thus the dog will have a taste of the human family’s food. Many innocuous looking human foods though can have dangerous effects on the dog.

Chocolate is kind of addicting – after one bite another and another will be taken. In humans chocolates would have no ill effects aside from increasing the waistline. Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance that has no dangerous effect on humans but can be deadly if ingested by dogs. Theobromine is a stimulant that is not unlike caffeine thus the central nervous and the cardio vascular systems of a dog that has eaten large quantities of chocolates will be severely affected. The dog will have seizures and if no immediate treatment is administered, the pet can die from arrhythmia.

Chocolate is lethal to dogs but not all who ingested chocolates will be poisoned as the toxicity to dogs of this human food is dose dependent. Because eating small amount of chocolates would not show any dangerous effect on the pet, pet owners will continue feeding the dog little bits of the chocolate bar, a slice of the chocolate cake. A bite of these delicacies would have no apparent dangerous effects so the owner would continue to give chocolates to the pet. The owner will realize that chocolates is poisonous if the pet has started to vomit and have diarrhea.

Within the hour, the dog will show restlessness and hyperactivity. The poisoned dog would have to be taken to the vet but first aid treatments would help save the life of the dog. Activated charcoal can be administered. Activated charcoal will bind with the poison and stop it from being absorbed by the bloodstream. A hydrogen peroxide and water solution can be administered as well to induce vomiting.

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