Putting anything in their mouths is a typical behavior of dog. Dogs are noted for their voracious appetites and for the insatiable curiosity. In the absence of hands, dogs would use the mouth to investigate anything that they find interesting. This habit often results to choking as large chunks of food and non-edible objects are swallowed by the dog. Death is imminent for a choking dog if first aid is not administered as the object that is lodged in the trachea will block the airway and would make breathing difficult.

Learning basic first aid for a choking dog is a must for every dog owner. Because chewing is a natural behavior of dogs, the risk for choking is higher in these pets. Dog owners would ensure that the pet remains healthy and safe from any life threatening situations but accidents can never be prevented. Choking is one of these unavoidable accidents and an owner that had trained how to give aid will be able to save the life of the pet.

A dog owner has to recognize the symptoms that the pet is choking so that first aid can be administered. A chocking dog would drool, gag and act frantic. Continuously trying to vomit and frantic pawing of the mouth are signs that the dog is choking. The dog’s gums would turn blue and the loud breathing sounds will stop if no first aid is administered.

First aid for a choking dog calls for the removal of the foreign object that is blocking the airway. Do a finger sweep to along the inside of the mouth to the base of the tongue and feel for any foreign object. If an object can be felt it has to be manually removed. Of course this is the easy kind of choking. A foreign object that has gone way down the trachea would be tricky to remove.

Small dogs would be easier to handle thus removing the blockage would not be too difficult as compared to large dogs . Small dogs can be easily held upside down and slapped on the back to dislodge the object that is blocking the airway. It would be advantageous for every dog owner to learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver. This first aid method requires the hind legs of the dog to be raised like a wheelbarrow. Place the wrist on the dog’s last ribs and forcefully push the abdomen downwards until the object is dislodged.

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