Separation Anxiety in Puppies

How do you know if your puppy has separation anxiety? Constant whimpering, especially at night, is a sure sign of separation anxiety. Your puppy has been used to being with his mother and brothers and sisters and now he find himself all alone. One way to appease his anxiety is to distract him and start dog training right away..

Introduce dog training as soon as possible to occupy your puppy and tire him out so that he sleeps soundly.. Remember like most babies, puppies will get anxious at night and will need nurturing so remember you may loose some sleep.. Some people let their puppy sleep in their bedroom, wherever he will sleep start as you mean to go on and put him on a bed and or in a crate.. Let your dog know where he is supposed to sleep at night and make sure the environment is comfortable and den-like. Separation anxiety can be eleviated if you place a ticking cloth in amongst the puppy’s bedding.. The puppy hears the ticking and believes it is the heartbeat sounds of his mother or siblings. A great way to comfort your puppy..

Initially, if your puppy whines during the night then go and console him and this will reassure him.  . This will teach him that he is not alone. Once into his routine you should not need to do this every night so that it does not become a habit.. Why not check on him regularly during the first week or so..

Sit and stay are very basic training and just the beginning of full dog training.. You don’t want your dog to just learn to follow commands, you also want your dog to be happy and feel loved. A happy and loved dog will be willing to learn most things.. Remember, use positive dog training when helping your cure your puppy separation anxietyPositive training will help So, when you are training your puppy, remember, discipline and affection will cure his anxiety.

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