Along with joy and cheer, the holidays can bring a variety of household dangers to a family dog or cat. As you go shopping for all the gifts and goodies for loved ones, be sure you include some natural pet products like treats, so your pets don’t feel threatened by all the hustle and bustle of the season. Fido and Fluffy are likely to be curious about changes in the house – such as decorations and present packages. It might not be a bad idea to have some herbal tinctures on hand in case of injuries or accidents. Paying particular attention to your four-legged family members will help them stay safe and healthy.

Just like children, new sights, sounds and aromas intrigue cats and dogs, so it’s equally important to pet-proof the house as it is to child-proof it. Be sure to keep items like hanging ornaments, tinsel, decorative plant life and snack plates out of reach. This is particularly critical when it comes to food.

With potential issues that range from a queasy stomach to something far more severe, it is important to be aware of what’s going into your dog or cat’s mouth. Tell dinner guests not to feed Rover from the dining room table, especially foods like chicken, steak or ham bones that can splinter and lodge in the throat, stomach or digestive tract. Research has also found that ingestion of onions and garlic could have serious medical side effects for animals.

Foods that can cause considerable sickness or death include grapes, chocolate, raisins, bread dough and some kinds of nuts such as macadamias and walnuts. Keep an eye on what foods are in reach, and stay up-to-date on new items that may have been added to the list of possibly harmful foods since you last checked. You’ll probably be surprised at how many basic human foods are potentially deadly for your precious pets. Ask your guests to limit goodies to those that you provide.

Along with food, house guests may also bring dangers into your house in the form of medications, unique gift plants, possibly hazardous toys, or sacks of candy that may be left in a guest room unattended – and are tempting to a cat or dog. Be sure to keep guest-room doors closed or set potentially harmful gifts well out of your pets’ reach.

Taking precautionary steps prior to the holidays can benefit pets by making them strong and healthy; feeding them the highest quality pet food made of natural ingredients is a great place to start. Also, supplementing their diet with herbal tinctures to bolster both their immune and digestive systems creates a solid foundation for remaining safe, happy and healthy throughout the holidays.

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