Pets: Inside or Out?

So many people run into the same question when it comes to pets . Do you keep them outside or sacrifice your home and allow them stay inside? It is a lose lose dilemma , seemingly. It does not have to be, however . There are some ways to keep your pets inside and your home nice, as well ! 

The first important thing is to know that you need to vacuum often . Possibly even every other day. Whether or not they shed, there just seems to be pet remains everywhere if you keep it inside. If you keep up with your vacuuming, it will help hugely .

Also , make certain your pet is bathed and groomed often. Stinky pets laying on your sofa equals a smelly sofa. Keep it clean and your furniture will smell better.

Try to pick fabrics for your furniture that you know are pretty stain resistant. If you pick the most high maintenance fabric, it will be even more so with a pet! Make sure it is easy to vacuum hair off, in addition . 

When choosing flooring for your home, you’ll be far better off if you have some sort of hard surface. Carpet may not show all the loose hair, but it will hold in the stench, and the hair is sure to resurface the second you put on black. 

Replace your pets toys when they start to fall apart. It’s as simple as asking if you’d rather have a torn up stringy something laying around or a rubber ball…This won’t cost you too much either. And your pet will thank you later…and your socks will too when they get a break. 

These are some great tips for daily life, especially if you are showing your home. Our homes can be seen at College Station Real Estate  or  Round Rock Homes . 

-Jenn, the Cortiers Blogger

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