Lola Comes Home

What are the conclusive essentials for taking care of a dog?  I’m new to the canine universe. I just bought my first dog, a gorgeous yellow labrador I’ve named Lola, this week. A friend of a friend is a dog breeder locally. I paid a visit to her place a few months ago and immediately was enamored with the dogs I met there. The original plan for a luncheon turned into an all-day romp with me staying for dinner. Though I knew next to nothing about dogs, I made Shannon promise me a puppy as soon as possible. She’s also giving me a lot of continuing advice as I raise Lola.

While Shannon’s a great resource, I’m also doing a lot of my own research on taking care of Lola. It’s never good to have just one source of advice. I’ve read up on pet prescriptions and pet food. Lola certainly has all her vaccinations and the necessary regular medicines for heartworm and fleas and whatnot. I’m giving her this brand’s grain free formula of food. My first purchases in addition to these essentials were of course a collar and leash, one of these dog crates, and the best of the orthopedic dog beds I found. I also purchased a selection of toys. What else do you think is absolutely necessary to a dog’s wellbeing?

With Shannon at my side, I’m feeling very confident with Lola. I don’t know yet whether I’ll enroll her in obedience classes or whether we can train her well enough on our own. She’s a fantastic dog, so sweet and playful. I can’t wait to see what she’s like as she grows into a full-grown dog. I realize that adopting her may have been a rather crazy split-second determination, but I know it’s the absolute best choice. Lola’s already such an essential friend to me.

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