Dog Says “I’m Sorry!”


Older Dog Training

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<strong>Few things to happen probably as results of tolerating dog barking and bad dog behavior:</strong>

1.    Your dog, where everybody in the neighborhood is dreaming, gone barking so loud amidst of the night for almost thirty continuous minutes. You stand up from your bed to see why – only to discover a cat trapped in front of your dog., you go at the garage and see how the cat tries to free itself from your dog. The next day a man living next to your house’s gate is knocking at your door with an angry face. What will happen next?

2.    You almost celebrated with your dog as you at last are given the chance to buy your own set of computer. You have waited hardly for weeks to earn a sufficient amount money in order for you get it. You let your puppy to play inside your room and you want him to see your brand new laptop. After a a couple of minutes of busily facing your closet, you’ll turn your back only to witness how he is enjoying to shower his pee on the monitor of your computer.

3.    Your friend is a beginner designer trying to establish his respectable name in line of fashion. He asked you to assist him invite some guests to check out his designs at his house. You always bring your dog along with you and let him inside his house. Guests come one by one. Your friend promises them to show his latest design, but after looking for it, he discovered it full of poop at your dog’s liability.

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4.    The woman you dream to be your wife in the next few years has finally crossed with your way.~You at last met the girl of your imaginings.} From time to time you’re asking her out for a date waiting for the trophy that you’d win her heart soon. The day you’ve waited for weeks comes. Both sitting inside your pick-up car, (with your dog at the backseat) you two are on top of a hill for a romantic picnic, and you are memorizing what to tell and do next to impress her while performing the proposal. The car’s compartment is filled with foods and other things to make the whole thing perfect. At the backseat is a dozen of roses you are going to give after she says “Yes, I can be your girl.” Everything is in its place but when you are about to see the flowers, you see petals dispersed all over your dog.~It is the happiest day you’ve been waiting for. It is the day that a old-fashioned girl finally accepts your request to take her on a date. Instead of leaving your dog, you also bring him on your date thinking your girl loves dogs too. You select the best resto in town, the best wines, and the best roses she will receive after you dine. Your plan goes with your way. When you two go back to your car and you are picking up the flowers, all you get is a stalk with only five leaves and a petal left.

5.    One early morning, a cute child together with his mommy visits to spend their two days at your house. You’ve just purchased a new dog (a St. Bernard) and haven’t yet provided a strap for him. You and the child’s mother let you both busy through a long talk. The naughty child goes to your dog without your knowledge and starts mockering it with a stick. Your dog gets hostile and barks towards the direction of the child. The child flees and runs away on the street. The mother perceives her child’s absence. When you stand up to look for him, you turn whitish when you hear the blowing of a car horn and a scream of a child. Your dog shows aggression people he doesn’t know. The kids keep playing at him and begin barking. While having a good laugh with their mom, all of a sudden you hear a loud cry from the younger kid while shouting, “My foot is bleeding!”

Older Dog Training

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