Advantage Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs 11-20 Lbs 4 Applications

We have now 3 dogs & two cats & occasionally a few hundred if not thousand fleas. We use different doses to cover the whole herd.
We used Advantage when we lived in TX & it worked great. Then we moved to MO, got a brand new vet who offered Frontline in bulk & gave one free when you bought four. He would just fill syringes with a prescribed amout & put those in a medicine bottle. We thought, sure, whats the difference & went on as usual.
The frontline is a very good product & we couldnt seriously tell any difference so we just didnt think anymore about it.
But after a few months one of our dogs started to have allergic reactions to fleas.
For causes I wont go into here, we switched Vets. Our new Vet didnt sell Frontline in bulk so we bought the Advantage from her that came instantly from the maker, Bayer.
Wow, what a difference! I put in on the whole crew at 8 am & by noon the scratching & biting was almost non existent. I did a search for fleas & the ones I did find were either dead or moving so slowly they were easy to catch & kill. Two days later we now have no fleas.
Now I really should add two things right here.
First, I also treated my lawn with a 10 lb bag of flea, tick & ant killer which Im sure helped. At least as far as re-infestation is concerned.
2nd, I suspect that the bulk Frontline that I was purchasing might have been weakened by age or the way it was stored by the Vet & transferred to me in syringes. So I would suggest that anyone thinking about buying in this way, think again.
Lastly, my wife & I are considering using Advantage & Frontline both. Maybe switching them each other month in hopes of keeping the small buggers from developing resistance. I dont know if that will assist but it couldnt harm.  Have a look at  this webpage here also for more details Advantage Topical Solution Flea Treatment for Cats Over 9 Pounds 6 Applications

K9Advantix Flea Control for Dogs Over 55 Pounds 6 Applications

Our two dogs grew to become infested with fleas a couple years in the past. We attempted a ton of distinct medicines, and have been about to ‘bomb’ the residence when our vet advisable K9 Advantix. Inside 1 week there had been NO fleas, not on the dogs, not in the property. Before using K9 Advantix, I’d sit at night selecting fleas off our 1 poodle, and we were desperate for a solution. This is a fabulous item. As we did not have expertise with ticks or mosquitos when using this product, I cannot comment on them, but for fleas, this is the ideal. I was told by a salesperson at Petsmart that Advantix includes a repellant in it apart from something to kill the fleas, and Frontline, its primary competitor, has only a flea killer, which won’t operate until the flea bites the dog.

Additionally, I found a evaluate by the NIH regarding the two drugs for ticks and I quote an excerpt from the abstract: “The number of reside ticks on the control dogs ranged from a geo. suggest of 12.0 to 29.5 ticks per canine throughout the examine. % efficacy for the K9 Advantix group ranged from 84.0 to 98.five percent between check days 3 and 35. Percent efficacy for the Frontline Plus group ranged from -28.1 to 56.8% during the corresponding period.”

It is possible to discover this study report your self by googling as proven using the quotes: K9 Advantix vs Frontline”.

Sounds pretty definitive to me. We’re sticking with Advantix.

Advantage Topical Solution Flea Treatment for Cats Over 9 Pounds 6 Applications

My cats have fleas! Or, at the least, they had fleas. I’ve used over-the-counter, much less expensive products (flea powders, flea collars, etc.) as much as and such as other topical goods like this 1, and nothing labored. The flea collars had been less than worthless – they truly brought on patches of fur to fall out on at the least one cat. The powder was unwieldy, and the other topical applications (save 1) did not function in the least.

I should give credit score exactly where credit is due – I have utilized Frontline before for my cats, and have been extremely glad using the outcomes from that 1. Nonetheless, I made the decision to attempt Advantage this time, as I’d heard great things about it, and it was on sale at a low cost when I needed it. I could not be far more delighted. In contrast to most other topical applications where the flea substance is set on the shoulder blades from the cats and stinks (STINKS!), this has no easily discernable odor. Review  this website page here too for more important information Advantix Flea

This is really a excellent thing. Also, the cats appeared to settle down from their scratching and biting at fleas inside only a couple of minutes. Final night time was the first night time in weeks that the cats have all rested peacefully. There had been no signs of flea-dirt left in their normal sleeping spaces final night. I’m incredibly happy certainly.

My cats are also pleased. While I still have an appreciation for Frontline, I’m content to possess Advantage as a viable option.

The cats give this a sixteen-paw salute! (4 cats, four paws every, you realize…)

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