Every dog owner would know the importance of walking the dog. Any breed of dog would need to be walked at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. Walking is a kind of daily ritual necessary to develop the physique, to give the dog mental stability and to prevent the formation of undesirable behaviors that commonly arise from boredom and from pent up energies.

A dog owner though has to have the necessary skill to walk the dog properly. The dog must never be allowed to walk in front of the owner as this will reinforce the dog’s notion that it is the leader of the pack. The constant tugging at the leash and the dog owner’s attempt to control the dog would create a situation where the dog will be highly strung instead of getting the proper amount of benefit from this form of exercise. Training the dog to walk on a leash is therefore very necessary. A dog that is properly trained to walk on leash would be more manageable and walking will be an enjoyable form of exercise both for the dog and for the owner.

Dogs are intelligent animals but they should never be expected to come from the breeder already familiar with wearing a collar and being restricted by a leash. Training the dog to walk on a leash just like any other kind of training is best started while the dog is still a puppy. Start the training by familiarizing the dog with the feel of a collar around its neck. Expect the pup to try to dislodge the collar but when the pet is already comfortable with the collar you can now introduce the leash.

Start the training by walking the dog on a leash around the house. Because of an exuberant nature, the puppy would love to follow the master around. This means the dog would happily trot beside you.

A dog that has found an interesting scent or one that has heard an interesting sound would pull on the leash and try to break free. Stop walking at once. The dog has to understand that if it pulls on the leash the walking will instantly end. Once the dog has settled down, you can praise the pet and reward the good behavior with a treat. Walking with a loose leash hanging between you and your dog cannot be learned by the dog instantly. It would take a lot of patience and persistence but the result would be rewarding.

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