Training the dog to lay down

A dog owner would certainly be very proud at the accomplishment of training the pet to obey commands. After domestication, dogs became the wonderful companions and steadfast protectors of humans. Dogs though have different personalities so that in spite of being tamed, some dogs would still be difficult to control.

To have a manageable and obedient pets, it is imperative for dog owners to let the dogs undertake obedience trainings. Teaching the dog to lay down is very important given that most dog owners would want to take the pet everywhere they go. In spite of the fact that dogs are the most common choice for a pet, a large percentage of the populace are afraid of dogs. This can be due to the fact that dogs bite. A dog that is down on its haunches would be less intimidating. Moreover, a dog that was trained to lay down would allow the owner to talk with another person without constantly tugging at the leash to restrain the pet.

Lay down is one of the basic obedience commands that a dog has to learn. Teaching the dog to lay down would not be too difficult as similar to the sit command, laying down is already a natural behavior of dogs. The objective of the training is to make the dog lay down when the command is given. A dog owner’s most common problem though is to get the dog down on its haunches. Dogs are naturally playful and if the dog is guided into the lay position, the pet may think that you are teaching the dog another game.

The lay down training would be much easier if the dog was trained to sit beforehand. Training would be easier if treats are used as rewards and a location with less distraction is chosen. Face your dog and give the sit command. Reward the dog with the treat once it has obeyed the sit command. With another treat in hand, move the hand downwards between the front legs of the dogs until the hand touches the floor.

Dogs are food motivated thus it is expected to lie down, take a crouching position to get the treat. Give the lay down command when the dog lowers its body to the ground. It can be “down boy/girl” or “lay down” but be sure to be consistent with the command so as not to confuse the dog. Positive reinforcements will make the training much easier. Short training sessions must be repeated several times a day until the dog obeys the command even without the promise of treats.

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