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When you find out the food section at your supermarket or pet store, you will probably be overwhelmed. The enticing captions, flavors, and varieties only cause it more difficult for you to choose which the real one would be outstanding for your dog. The following are the hints that veterinarians and dog breed experts generally suggest. Follow the guidelines and you can assure of your dog’s healthy status even in the most active years of his life.

<bold>DRY FOOD (KIBBLE)</bold>

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Nutritionally complete dry food should be the staple of your dog’s diet. Pick something that is definitely suited for your dog’s size and age. It should also supply the vital energy for your dog’s daily chore and must have high quality, not just relying on the price and brand. Do not be lured with cheap prices some manufacturers offer. Such brands usually are made of inferior compositions and raw materials which may affect your dog’s health in the future. Crunching on dry food will also help keep your dog’s teeth clean; as he chomps, the rough edges will scrape along his teeth helping to keep them free of tartar.

Healthy Dog Foods

<bold>CANNED FOOD</bold> <img src=”http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRwhc0_jKSD45B2trPoXcDpBRCeTJLSGn0sVnpPm7Y1pCrrxzq_0fXiR9Ovig” height=”250″ align=”left” /> <p>

Canned food is much more pricey than dry food, and many kinds contain up to 70 percent of water. But you should not feel definite in giving canned food to your dog as his daily diet. There are brands that still do not contain the all the substances compulsory, check out the label to be sure. You can  prepare canned meal with kibbles on the side. If it does not say “complete” or “nutritionally ample” it is meant to complement dry food. The softness and miosture of the canned food does not aid in maintaining your dog’s teeth clean and his gums fit. A popular way to get the benefits of kibble and the added palatableness of canned food is to serve one third canned food with two thirds dry food. Do not forget to refrigerate canned foods once it has been opened.</p>

<bold>SEMI-MOIST FOOD</bold>

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<p>You can see semi-dry or semi-moist dog foods packaged similar to hamburgers. This means nada to the dog, and is designed to attract the owner (who is doing the purchasing). Semi moist foods end to have large amounts of sugar, salt, false colorings and preservatives. This type of dog food is good only as a treat instead of purchasing it to replacement the canned or dry food with this semi-dry. Another scheme of packaging the semi-moist dog foods is through packaging it for individual servings. And this is made to trick the customers. Why not just prepare an individually wrapped kibble (for traveling) than spending money in low-quality dog foods?</p>

<bold>WATER</bold> <img src=”http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSc51RaTwsS06QpbXzCa04JReoHt5eWGzgA-5DuSKVM1Rv-mTYfSg” height=”100″ align=”left” /> <p>Never forget to regularly give your dog fresh, clean water. ensure the water bowl at least twice a day to make sure he has a good supply. frequently clean the water bowl and be sure that you change the water often. If your dog will be outside for any extensive period, make sure he also has access to clean water there.</p>

<bold>SNACKS AND TREATS</bold>

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<p>Dry dog biscuits are useful as treats between meals or during training sessions . Like kibble, hard biscuits are good for your dog’s teeth and will help control tartar.</p><p>Wide varieties of foods can be found even in your own kitchen. It may be grapes, carrots, apples, or vegetables like steamed ones and broccoli. Watch your dog’s diet. He might become obese if he keeps taking the foods in excess amounts. When you are reckoning your dog’s daily caloric intake, don’t forget to include treats as well. Do not offer him a box of biscuit and feed him a whole lot of it at a time. Giving him a piece once in a while is enough. As long as your dog thinks the treat is his reward, then it is quite fine.</p>

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