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You adore your dog, you take pleasure in playing with him, spending time with him, taking him for walks, but there is just one particulartrouble, your Stop dog biting! Many dog ownersencounter this difficulty at some point or another, but just as with anything, it is essential to understand the reason behind why your dog is biting if you wish to truly prevent ittaking place in the near future, nonetheless, 1 point that is important tounderstand is that biting is a normal behaviour for puppies as they are very sense-orientated animals and love to explore things not only through their eyes, but also their mouths, howeversometimes they don’t know their ownpower or the sharpness of their teeth. Below we willuncover just a few of the explanationswhy this may be occurring and how to stop your dog from biting.

To stop your dog biting, it is essential to begin to teach your dog that it is unacceptable from as a young age as feasible, theearlier you teach him, the less likely he is to continue. Finger nipping may appear to be like harmless fun, however , it candevelop into a major behaviorproblem as your dog grows, try to end thisimmediately. If your puppy bites you, be sure to make aobvious and exaggerated cry, or shout ‘ouch’, he willrecognize this because while puppies play together, they typically do the same when 1 of them has beenhurt. For more effectiveness, utilize the ‘Yelp and Shun’ technique, the moment he bites you, let out a loud yelp and then promptly turn your back on him and avoid giving any attention for a few minutes, he’llunderstand and rectify his actions
A well-known reason for dogs and puppies to bite is out of fear, if they are in asituation or area that are new to them, they may feel somewhat intimidated, if you sense thismay possibly be the trigger of your dogs behavior, then itmight be best to expose him to new surroundingsgradually so that he has time to get used to it, also try and make surethat your tone of voice is peaceful and laid back whist doing so, you would beamazed how much of a change that could make. If you observe a turn for the better in your dogsbehavior then reward him, he’ll be pleased to bevalued and will remember it. Try not to shout or punish him whilst he isscared, this will simply make things a whole lot worse and will not assist you stop dog from biting.
If your dog is likely to bite through play, it might be due to over excitement, if this is the circumstance then I’d advise you to havesmaller playing sessions to qqqguarantee he doesn’t get over-stimulated, furthermore avoidcontact games such as wrestling or tug of war. If you were playing fetch, then teach your dog to drop the ball or stick on the floor before you throw it again instead of taking it from his mouth
When seeking to stop your dog biting it is essential tobear in mind that you should never, in any circumstancestrike your dog back, he will only fear you after or his behaviour may take a turn for the worse,keep in mind your dog isn’t biting you to be vicious.

Hope this aids you to stop dog biting, thanks for reading

by Ruchi Vasishta

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