Pet parents would ensure the health of the pet thus it would not be surprising if the owner would panic at the sight of the collapsed pet. A very active and healthy pet can suddenly fall to the ground. Collapse is a condition that occurs when the dog abruptly losses strength. A dog that collapses can lose consciousness as well. Some dogs that collapse would recover in seconds, others would remain unconscious for quite a while and some dogs would not recover unless first aid is administered. Some dogs would recover from the state of collapse as if nothing happened. Some dogs though would be very weak and be disoriented after regaining consciousness.

A serious life threatening condition can be the reason why some dogs collapses repeatedly. A vet consultation would be very necessary to get the true state of the dog’s health. Collapsing can indicate a nervous system, respiratory system or musculoskeletal concerns. A dog that collapses can have a congenital heart defect that have worsened and made the dog weak. An illness may not be the reason why the dog collapses as the condition can be associated with a foreign object that blocks the dog’s airway.

It can be difficult for a dog owner to keep calm when the pet was seen toppling down. But to be able to do the necessary first aid that will help the pet, the dog owner has to stay collected and to have presence of mind. The very first thing a dog owner has to do is to assess the situation. If the dog has collapsed because of a blocked airway, it is extremely necessary to remove the blockage. A foreign object at the base of the dog’s tongue would be easy to remove. A foreign object that has travelled way down the trachea can be dislodged by doing the Heimlich maneuver.

A dog that collapses must be immediately seen by a vet but the owner still has to administer first aid to stabilize the pet’s condition. It would be necessary for a dog owner to check the pulse, the breathing and the temperature of the pet. The owner has to make the pet comfortable and to ensure that the body heat is kept.

Mouth to nose resuscitation has to be administered if the dog has stopped breathing. Hold the dog’s mouth close and breathe on the pet’s nose. This rescue breathing has to be repeated about 6 times per minute. Compression or heart massage must be done if the dog’s heartbeat can no longer be heard. Position the dog on its right side and firmly compress the chest over the heart area. This procedure must be repeated 70 times per minute.

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