Dogs are very protective animals thus apart from being pets, dogs are as well utilized for guarding purposes. However, the dog that is supposed to guard the family and the property may be sleeping soundly. Aside from having a great desire for food, dogs also have keenness for sleeping. Dogs are very energetic but are you aware that these animals can sleep half the day away? This sleeping time can vary between different dog breeds but generally dogs are asleep for more than half of their lives.

Why do dogs have long sleeping hours? There are many factors that influence a dog’s sleeping pattern. The amount of time spent sleeping would be influenced by the age, the personality as well as the activities of the dog. The energy of dogs would be considerably decreased because of old age thus a dog advanced in age would be seen sleeping most of the time. Working dogs may want to sleep just like any other dog but because of the work they perform less time would be spent sleeping. However, dogs have the ability to be asleep in an instant so that after the work is done, the rescue or the herding dog will be seen on its way to dreamland.

Although dogs would be seen sleeping all the time, the sleep of these animals have many interruptions. Similar to humans, dogs also go through the rapid eye movement (REM) and the slow wave (SW) stages of sleep but a dog’s sleep would have many interruptions. Dogs have ultra sensitive senses thus, their sleep can be easily interrupted by unusual movements, sounds and scents.

People that have nothing to do would sleep all day too. Dog owners that leave the pet at home all day without leaving a toy can either have pet that loves to sleep or a destructive pet that chews furniture and digs tunnels in the garden. Surely, a dog owner would rather have a dog that sleeps all day than a dog that becomes destructive.

The dog’s sleeping area may be responsible for the dog’s fondness to sleep. Dogs living outside the home may not be able to sleep longer due to discomfort resulting from a sleeping area that is open to the elements. Pampered pets would not only live with the family but will also be provided with all possible comforts. These pets babied by the family will have comfortable beds. The comfortable bed will entice the dog to sleep.

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