There are many different training methods and you can spend a lot of money and time on books, videos and in training classes. Dog training is all about principles, less about techniques. Understanding how your dogs mind works, is an essential part of getting his co-operation. Simply following others advice will not make you and your dog happy in the long run. If, on the other hand, you understand the principles of dog training, you will not need much advice in the long run because you will know exactly what to do.

To be a good companion, your dog needs to/Your dog needs the following in order to be a good companion

Feel he can trust you/put his trust in you
 attach and feel attached to you/attach himself to you
 love you and feel loved by you

What ever you do in dog training

…do not do anything to cause your dog to feel he cannot place his trust in you

…he will need to attach himself to you, do not refuse him

…do not refuse to receive his love and admiration and do not stop yourself from loving him

A dog will do his best possible to please his person provided he experiences a deep connection with his owner. He will understand his owners’ wishes and what is required of him if a good relationship has been forged between them.

A dog, on the other hand, who does not live in a strong bond with his person will be inclined to please himself whenever possible and thus be harder to train.

Fearing punishment, a dog who is frightened of his owner will try to do what is expected.

With mutual love and understanding between them, a dog and his owner have the key ingredients for a good and happy relationship. The obstacles between different species can be overcome by the power of love. The love and trust of your dog is a gift that needs to be cherished and protected.

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