Before bringing your puppy or pet dog to your own house, you need to be familiar with the things needed to make things all well .  Care, love and affection are the basic elements that puppies and dogs need in order to have a better environment for growth . Puppies require more love and attention compared to older dogs . Also, puppies require you to train them regarding the basic dog skills and other stuff such as to behave in a proper manner in the house.

Keeping a puppy in your home requires you to be extra careful especially if you have children in your home . You need to be extremely alert in order to keep both the puppy and the children safe and protected. Puppies have very sharp teeth which can easily pierce the baby’s skin. They may do this not out of anger, but may end up harming your baby or little children while playing. Likewise, little children can also harm the little puppies while carrying them around. Children may unintentionaly drop the puppy which might result to serious injuries . This may also end up in an unwanted injury to the puppy.   Hence, it is really crucial to cater for necessary precautions when you bring a puppy to your house.

For the purpose of protecting their respective homes, people usually acquire a dog to keep them safe . Other may buy a puppy because they love keeping them as pet. Dogs and puppies can provide protection through barking against unwanted people or strangers wandering around your house. For protection purposes some people prefer to buy dogs which are larger in size. This is because they feel that the larger appearance of the dog will be even more helpful to turn away any intruder more easily.

Dogs are also very social and friendly animals that enable them to be the perfect companion for humans . Furthermore, they are extremely loyal and faithful to their masters and family members. Their loyal nature makes them a part of the family quite easily and quickly.  Through love, proper attention, and care, dogs and puppies can really turn out to be the true loyal friend of all the family members.

Puppies are quite sensitive with their feelings and leaving them alone for a long period of time will significantly affect their emotions. Moreover, attention and socializing is important for puppies to make them effectively active and energetic in the long run. Also, it is really important to take your puppy out in order to make him learn to associate and mix around with the environment and people around him.

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