Your canine companion, like a human, requires the best possible nutrition to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. This is a statement we are sure that you are nodding away at in agreement, but how can you ensure that the tinned dog food or dry dog food you are buying is the best quality food for your dog?

The sad truth is you can’t, as food is being churned out of processing plants in massive volumes . The reason for this is because the food is processed and contains a lot of preservatives and artificial colours and flavourings, things that are not good to you so why would they be good to your dog?

In fact these additives are even more detrimental to your canine friend than it is to us humans because the digestive system in a dog cannot digest food as well as a human; this is where good food choices becomes important .

Now we are not talking about you physically buying different ingredients, donning an apron with a dog on the front and standing in front of the cooker to make a Sunday roast for your dog . No, we actually mean giving your dog the best possible food by understanding where their food comes from and what food is best for them.

The best dog food

The best dog food is unsurprisingly natural dog food. Yes, the age old story of eating healthy natural foods works for your favourite pet as well as for you.

One hundred percent natural ingredients are put into natural dog food so it is jam packed full of the right nutrients for your canine friend whilst also carrying less fat. Combined this means your dog will enjoy a healthier life and a more balanced diet, reducing the chances of canine obesity.

As mentioned earlier being a canine cook is not about making dog food yourself, it is about understanding the food that you are buying for your dog so you know it is one hundred percent natural.

When to start using natural dog food

The best time to start using natural dog food is when your dog is still a puppy. Puppy food is even more vital than adult dog food as your puppy will still be in the growing phase of its life and need a higher nutrient value to ensure they can grow to become a healthy adult dog.

Isn’t natural dog food expensive?

You willl find that the cost is slightly higher than the standard tinned food but of course, it is worth it as you cannot put a price on your animals health. Your cdog is a member of your family so why not treat him the same by giving him the best, and help him become a healthy dog.

If you want to ensure that your dog has the most active and healthy life possible then avoid those overly  processed dog foods and swap them for  natural dog food. Your four legged friend will thank you for it.

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