How to get rid of dog hair

Dogs are the most popular companion animals as more than 37% of households have a dog for a pet. Given the affectionate and loving nature of dogs it is not surprising if people chose to have these animals in their homes. A dog owner would know that along with the happy and entertaining moments, dog ownership is also loaded with a lot of concerns.

Dogs are lovable animals that would make wonderful pets but a dog will not be a good choice for an owner fussy with the cleanliness of the home. Dog owners would always want to have the pet around but a dog that repeatedly soils the house would be relegated to the backyard. The dog hair that is shed by the dog is another major concern of dog owners. Except for hairless breeds, all dogs are known to shed. Dog hair can be a real nuisance as it will cover the carpet, the furniture, collect on clothing and even float in your coffee. Dog hair can be really annoying as although very noticeable, it cannot be removed easily by the hand.

Finding ways to lessen the dog hair that mars the appearance of the home is the best recourse to deal with this concern as dog owners will never consider to be parted from the pet. As mentioned, all dogs shed and some breed would shed continuously and other would be heavy seasonal shedders. Shedding is a lifetime process of dogs and a dog owner can consider changing the dog’s diet to minimize the hair loss. Excessive dog shedding is often caused by an allergy to commercial food.

Proper grooming will do a lot in reducing the dog’s air borne hair. Grooming the dog regularly outside the home will lessen the amount of hair that will be shed inside the house. As the tangles will be removed, the grooming sessions that will be good bonding moments will also improve the appearance of the dog. Bathe the dog with shampoos specially formulated to reduce hair fall.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum to remove dog shedding and maintain the cleanliness of the home. Invest in a good quality lint roller as this cleaning tool will make the task of removing dog hair from your furniture and clothes a lot easier.

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