If you are worried about the bad behavior of your dog due to separation anxiety when you leave him alone then you can find great help by reading this article. Separation anxiety dogs complain roughly at the time you abandon them alone in your own home. They start doing every possible thing like tearing, chewing, pooping, peeing and destroying things around. The main cause for this behavior is anxiety in dogs when they are left alone.

They feel afraid of being abandoned. Separation anxiety is seen mainly in dogs that are bought to new house to which they are not accustomed or a puppy which is separated from its mother at a very early age. You have to take many steps to make your dog overcome its fear and make it feel secure. Dogs behave like a child. As a child cries to draw your attention the same way dogs exhibit bad behavior. They may perhaps have no clue about that unless you correct all of them. 

Common undesirable tendencies associated with separation anxiety dogs can be crying and moping as well as whimpering. This behaviour sometimes appears in young puppies. If they will start moping and crying as well as whimpering whenever you get away from your house, then you’re definitely dealing with separation anxiety. Some dogs due to anxiety start destroying things they find at home. The negative character may mean that the dog is infuriated and that particular feeling is about him or her being abandoned by the master. 

At this specific point, you will probably ask your puppy to keep up self-control, however, this could possibly not remedy the issue. You have to follow certain strategies to cure separation anxiety dogs

Any time you choose to leave your pet dog by itself in your house, carry some playthings with which he can enjoy and also spend some time with. This can divert the dog from your absence. Before leaving him take him out for a long walk. This can certainly make your pet pretty worn out and it’ll fall asleep over time. 

It is advised to teach the dogs to sit down and stay there even when you move away from it. Do not become ecstatic at the time you go back home after the while because it is likely to make your dog a lot more psyched. By using most of these methods, it is possible to stop the separation anxiety in pet dogs.


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