How to get a dog to stop barking

Dealing with canine behavior problems are part and parcel of caring for a pet. The dog’s tendency to soil the house and to chew destructively will only affect the owner. Excessive barking would be a more difficult concern as it can affect the neighbors too. The dog’s excessive barking will disturb the owners as we well as the neighbors. Excessive barking is a more annoying canine problem as it would affect not only the dog owners but other people as well. The excessive barking of a dog becomes a more serious concern as many dog owners live close to each other in condos and in apartments

Barking is a natural dog behavior that is not always considered a problem. Barking is the dog’s way of communicating with humans and animals. Some dog breeds utilized to guard are actually trained to bark in order to alert humans to the presence of intruders. Barking becomes a people problem when it becomes excessive. Most dog owners are overwhelmed with the task of controlling the pet’s excessive barking.

Dogs are often abandoned by pet owners fed up by the unmanageable behavior of the pet. Although rather difficult, the dog’s tendency to bark excessively can be managed. Dogs bark but these animals don’t bark simply to hear their voice. Barking can be due to boredom and fear or excitement. It is necessary to know what triggers the dog’s excessive barking.

Boredom and separation anxiety will make a dog bark. If your pet is left alone for the better part of the day, it would be a good idea to get toys that will keep the dog busy. Make sure that the dog is provided with plenty of physical and mental exercises to lessen the pent up energies that would trigger excessive barking. Did you know that by teaching an excessively barking dog to bark you can actually manage this annoying habit? Teaching the dog to bark only when a command is given will desensitize the dog to the other stimulus that sets off excessive barking and more importantly, the training will sharpen the dog’s natural instinct to bark when there is a potential danger. A spray bottle or a can filled with coins are proven techniques that disrupt a dog about to bark.

Dog training collars that are designed to stop the dog from barking and ultrasonic devices that emit a high pitched sound are high tech devices used to prevent a dog from barking excessively. Excessive barking can be the dog’s way to gain attention. Try giving the pet some attention and see if the barking behavior is modified.

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