Jumping is a typical problem amongst dogs, specifically jumping up on people. Your dog likes to jump on people, because she enjoys the attention and hugging that comes from it . To stop a dog jumping up, it is important that you show patience and consistency in your training strategies Persistence and consistency on your part is a must to stop this jumping habit .

Remember the following mantra : “praise for four paws on the ground; no praise for two paws in the air“.

There are a lot of important factors to contemplate as you embark on your goal of trying to stop a dog jumping up

Determine the reason for the jumping

You should first of all set out to find the trigger for the jumping . Then, keep her away from that trigger . For instance, if you know that your dog jumps up on your guests as soon as they arrive, then already have her in another room before they arrive . Then, once everyone has in fact arrived, put her on a leash and let her greet everyone, while sustaining control over her . Implement some positive reinforcement when she remains on the ground . If she attempts to jump up, pull her back down by giving her a very gentle tug with the leash . Then, once again give her treats, pet her, and praise her for having all four of her paws on the ground. This may possibly take some practice, however your dog will ultimately clue in to the fact that the finest way for her to get treats is to remain on the ground .

Turn your body away

Another effective method to stop a dog jumping up on people, such as yourself, is to just turn your body away from her when she does . Don’t say anything to her, and don’t look at her. If you turn around, and she jumps up again, turn away again. Without your attention and reactions to her behaviour, she will calm down very rapidly. Practice and persistence are keys here. As soon as you have her in a sitting position, praise her for being such a good dog. Then, invite her to jump up for a treat, but only on your command.

Make the act of jumping an unrewarding one, and the act of not jumping a rewarding one

Yet an additional effective method to stop a dog jumping up on people is to make the act of jumping an unrewarding one. Have your dog on a leash, and then very lightly step on it at about halfway when she attempts to jump up. Next, do something that triggers her jumping, such as showing her a tasty treat . She will not be able to get to the treat when she wants . Once she is back on the ground, apply positive reinforcement, one of the four main components of operant conditioining.

Establish that you are the dominant one

Is your dog dominant ? Your dog might jump up on you to show her dominance over you, or she may jump up on the furniture. Enabling this to carry on unabated will make your dog think that jumping is accepted behavior . You need to show your dog that you are in charge . You will need to make certain that you are very stringent with the overall notion of alpha dominance in order to prevent her from getting an overly inflated sense of her own importance. 

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