How to teach a dog not to bite

Biting is a normal behavior of dogs. It is a form of communication that allows dogs to show dominance and to reprimand puppies or dogs lower in rank. It is common for puppies to put anything in their mouth as in the absence of hands, puppies learn about their surroundings by biting. The biting that puppies are accustomed to do is not really dangerous as often times it is their way of playing and showing affection to humans. However, if the biting behavior is not curtailed, the puppy will grow into a mature dog that has the tendency to bite and to show aggression. It is very important to make the dog understand that biting is not allowed. Dogs that bite and hurt people are dangerous and commonly put to sleep. No dog owner would want the dog to be euthanized thus they make sure that the dog is trained not to bite.

Dogs are noted to be more successful in training puppies to stop aggressive biting. Mother dogs punish boisterous puppies that bite their litter mates too hard. An indignant mother dog will let out a menacing growl and completely ignore the pup. If the obtuse pup continues with the rowdy play, the menacing growl will be followed by a violent shake.

Dog owners can adapt the way dogs train their puppies bite inhibition. A high pitched NO! and turning your back on the biting dog will make the pet understand that you don’t approve his behavior. Dogs are quick witted and they would realize at once that they have displeased the master.

An older dog that has the propensity to bite will be a big problem. Play biting of puppies are generally harmless but a big older dog’s bite can result to severe injuries. A dog that has the propensity to bite is usually displaying dominance. Obedience training can address this concern. Changing the dog’s biting behavior can be done by the owner or by a professional dog trainer. The obedience class will make the dog learn and obey commands as well as make the dog understand that its aggressive behavior towards people will never be acceptable.

Socialization is another way of stopping the dog’s tendency to bite. The dog’s aggression can be a manifestation of a fearful nature. A dog will resort to biting if it is territory, its food or its life is being threatened. Socialization or introducing the pet to people and different situations will build up its confidence, eliminate the feeling of fear and consequently stop its tendency to bite.

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