You have worked very hard to create the hut that you’ve always treasured. You have encircled yourself with those items, colors, & textures that make you feel relaxed and safe.  Unfortunately, there are certain parts of the condominum that you can’t change.  For example, if part of feeling at home includes having a cat, then it also includes posessing a litter box.  Even at its most clean, the litter box is ugly, & while you don’t want to look at it, you surely don’t want your guests to look at it.  

The answer is pet litter privacy screens.  These tiny versions of classic room dividers are attractive, creative, and personalized ways to hide the litter box eyesore.  The Cozy Cottage Privacy Screen at is a whimsical screen, made of MDF and painted to look like a quaint lilliputian cottage, complete with shrubs and a fence.  This cosmetic screen may attract attention because of its novelty, but it will be the only thing your guests see, because the litter box will be well hidden.  There are plentiful designs at this website, or you can buy one that has not been painted & decorate it yourself. 

If your pet prefers a complete enclosure, consider the outdoor canvas cat shelter.  It is idealistic for families who take their cat camping, but is equally useful in the house. It is sold at a number of retail websites, including  This colorful, portable enclosure holds a large litter box, and hides the box completely from view.  Your cat gets privacy while taking care of her needs, and your condominum benefits  from the litter box being hidden.

Condominium residents may find that residential privacy screens are more important to hide themselves from others than to hide things from themselves.  For most apartment residents, the only private outdoor space is the balcony.  It is a great place to relax in the evenings, staring off into space or talking quietly with your partner about your day.  However, it is  not always that easy.  Neighbors are using their balconies too, & that often leads to amicable chatting from one balcony to the next.  This is great, except when it is not what you want.  If you are at a loss as to how to use your balcony in privacy and peace, consider balcony privacy screens

The Outdoor Privacy Screen at is a beautiful, colorful screen in brilliant sunny yellow.  The translucent fabric will block UV rays, wind, & curious eyes.  With the help of this decorative piece, you can enjoy your privacy on your balcony and enjoy the ornamental benefit of the screen,without offending friendly neighbors.  This lightweight, portable screen can be moved to block excessive sun as the direction of its rays shift throughout the day, & when you do not need it, it folds flat for easy storage.  It is mildew, weather, & UV resistant, so your privacy screen will last for years, & will remain as bright as it is the day you buy it. 

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