Reasons why a dog wags its tail

Are you or are you not in favor of docking dogs? Rottweiler, Doberman Pinchers and German Short haired Pointer are only some of the breeds commonly docked. The process of docking the dog’s tail is done to follow a given kennel club standard. This practice is usually done to working dogs to protect the tail from potential injuries. However, an owner that is aware why the dog wags its tail would possibly choose not to dock the pet’s tail. Do you know the reasons why dogs wag their tails?

Many animals have tails but only dogs are known to have the inclination to wag the tail. Dogs use the tail in many ways. Undoubtedly, a richly feathered tail will enhance the appearance of the dog. The tail though has a more important role in the life of a dog. The tail becomes a rudder for retrievers, a balancing tool that allows dogs to negotiate sharp curves and steep cliffs and ravines. A very significant function of a dog’s tail though is as a communication tool.

Dogs’ ability to communicate is limited, nevertheless, they can still convey what they feel to humans and animals by using the tail as well as other body parts. An observant dog owner can easily understand the message the pet wants to convey by observing the wagging of the tail, the expression of the eyes, the movements of the ears as well as the other body movements of the dog .

The wagging of the tail is not unlike human smile or handshake. A simple smile allows a person to gain friends. Dogs are the most popular choice for a pet because of their friendly nature. The wagging tail of the dog is a sign that it is not vicious thus people will be enticed to get friendly. A dog only has to wag the tail to get human friends. Dog owners are highly attuned to the feelings of their pets.

A madly wagged tail indicate the excitement of the dog. A dog meeting the master at the gate with a happily wagging tail may be looking forward to a walk or to receiving a treat. Apart from being social animals, dogs are pack oriented thus they would need to have well defined hierarchy. Dogs of different ranks wag the tail in a different manner. A dominant dog will hold the tail high and wag it stiffly. Dogs lower in rank will wag a tail that is held lower more slowly. Aside from the mentioned uses of tail wagging; this canine habit is also done for identification. When the tail is wagged, the anal glands are squeezed so that an odor distinct to every dog is released. These pheromones are used to determine the identity, thegender and the status of the dog.

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