When people think about giving their dog a treat for good behavior they often give them the cheapest treats they can find at the grocery store . Many of the treats that are available at the grocery stores have no nutritional value for your dog and can actually be harmful for them. Most cheap dog treats are mostly made of fillers and then pressed together to form a specific shape. Flavoring is added to the fillers so that there is some taste to them but, they serve no purpose other than as unhealthy cookies . There are some great gourmet dog treats that can be fed to a dog to give them the treat they deserve and the nutrients they need.

There are many affordable gourmet dog treats available for purchase . Many are made from all natural ingredients including chicken, pork, and fish. They are not made with fillers such as corn. These gourmet dog treats will give every dog something to look forward to without adding unneeded calories to their diet. Just like people, dogs need to have a healthy and balanced diet . Incorporating gourmet dog treats into your dog’s diet is a great way to improve their diet and their moral. Keep in mind though that treats are something to be given in moderation, not all day and every day .

A simple internet search will show results of many of the gourmet dog treats that are available. It is important to read all of the nutritional information about the treats before giving them to a dog. Some of these treats are sold in your local pet supply store . Occasionally you can find coupons for these treats so it is even possible to get them at a discounted price which makes buying treats without any nutritional value a thing of the past.

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