How to Train Your Dog to Fetch

Being with your dog does not always have to be about trying to stop problems . Experiencing fun times is also a huge part of your relationship with your dog . Training your dog how to fetch is a leading example . The most common form of this is training your dog to fetch a ball.

Start off slowly

The first stage to understanding how to train dog to fetch is to throw the ball a short distance away, and see if your dog will get it for you . She most likely won’t on the first try . Consider then utilizing positive reinforcement techniques at every single stage of the process . If she runs after the ball and picks it up, give her a treat and some praise at the spot that she picks up the ball . Tell her to stay, and then return to your original position. If you ask her to bring the ball to you, and she does, then repeat the positive reinforcement .

Then, see if she can do what you desire without you having to go to the area where she picks the ball up . Once you can get her to fetch the ball, and then return it to you, then progressively start increasing the distance that you throw the ball .

The all important “second” ball

If you are having trouble getting her to drop the ball at your feet, be sure to have a second ball handy. Ignore your dog, and start to play with the second ball . Make her feel like you are playing with something truly special. Soon, she will get bored of the first ball, and will in fact drop it at your feet. At that point, say, “good girl”, and give her a treat . This will take some practice and patience.

Reserve the “fetch toy” for fetch

It is critical to bear in mind that you really should reserve “fetch toys” for fetch . If your dog plays with the “fetch toy” all the time, it will lose its’ novelty, and the dog’s drive to chase it will be lowered . If your dog is made to wait to play with a “fetch toy”, her curiosity in it will be increased .

Focus your dog’s energy

Also contemplate briefly holding your dog before allowing her to chase after the ball . This will make it possible for her to focus on it, and will create a stronger desire within her to fetch it .

Practice makes perfect

It will take practice, patience, and consistency to effectively learn how to train a dog to fetch, however it will all be worth it in the end when you two share a special bond . A lot more fun that worrying about how to stop a puppy from biting, and how to stop dog aggression, isn’t it ?

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