A lot of families who adopt a pup may opt for a Labrador. These dogs are really intelligent, loving, and make the ideal family dog. As with all puppies, these canines may be a little hyperactive and considerably destructive in their earlier years. It is the only downfall to adopting a pet. Even so, there are various ideas and information one can use when doing Labrador puppy training.

You will want to first start off with some fundamental training rules. When you bring your new puppy home, make sure that he knows where his food and water bowl are. After he knows where he goes to eat, be sure that he knows when he eats. You may want to feed your puppy at certain times throughout the day. You should always keep a fresh bowl of water out so that your Labrador puppy has a continual supply of fresh and clean water.

Many professional dog trainers believe in positive reinforcement. This means that if your puppy does something good, he/she should be rewarded with a treat. Hand-held clickers can also be used in positive reinforcement training. Instead of repeating the words “good” or “bad”, the clicker gives a short, snapping sound that tells the dog if it is doing something worthwhile or upsetting.

Potty training a Labrador may be easier to do than other breeds. Larger dogs, on average, are easier to potty train than smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas. You may want to start off training your puppy using dog crates, they will not soil an place such as their crate unless of course they have been there too long. Right afterImmediately after you take the pet out of the crate go directly outdoors to the preferred spot to start out instructing him to go to the bathroom. After a few months, your Labrador will be scratching or pawing at the doorway to go out. Labrador pup training can be a fun and worthwhile occurence for both you and your dog.

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