Golden Retreiever Training

Dogs aren’t like humans, so they have to learn in a variety of ways. Dogs don’t have human responses, and therefore they don’t operate with the principle of wrong or right. Instead, they work on a principle of response, guided through the actions you give them. If their actions lead to a bad response from you, then they do not know what they are doing is wrong and definitely will avoid doing that type of behavior.

When your dog does something right, he needs to be praised for doing so. When your Golden Retriever is listening to everything you say and succeeding, you should reward him using a treat or praise. Letting him know that he’s doing good leads to positive response. On the other hand, if he isn’t paying attention to you or doing the entire opposite of what you say, you shouldn’t reward him at all – but rather scold him with a stern NO.

With Golden Retriever training, timing is the most important factor. If your dog is doing something wrong, you shouldn’t wait or hesitate to correct him. Doing this may send the incorrect impression. Whenever your Golden is doing something wrong, you must correct him right then and there, so he will know undoubtedly what he’s doing wrong.

For instance, in the event your Golden Retriever is chasing cars, you obviously want to stop this habit before it gets it out of hand. The second you see him carrying this out, you should always stop him and acknowledge hes wrong. By doing this, he’ll realize that chasing cars is one thing he shouldn’t be doing. It might take a bit of time for him to realize this, and you will need to hold your ground and continue to keep correcting him when he is doing something you don’t approve of.

This type of theory is similar to that of praise. If you notice your Golden Retriever doing something right, you need to praise him instantly. If you do not praise him instantly and instead hold back until he has stopped, he will assume that you are praising him for stopping. To be on the safe side and make the most from your Golden Retriever, you should praise him when he is behaving in the right way, then correct him when he is behaving in a very negative way.

If you take your time and show patience with your Golden Retriever, you shouldn’t have any problems training him. The training process may take a large amount of time, although it is more than worth every penny in the long run. Once you have trained your Golden Retriever, he’ll react to what you say, and steer clear of doing the things he’s been corrected for. Training a Golden Retriever is essential  and definately will make him a much better dog when he grows older.

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