How to help a dog in pain?

We know dogs to be tough animals. Before domestication dogs have survived in the wild even without the help of man. Although hardy animals, dogs get sick too. Dogs are hardy, yes but a loving pet owner can never withstand the look of a suffering pet. Dogs are affectionate, loyal and protective thus it would not be surprising if these animals gain the love of the human family. Can we blame owners that turn hysterical at the sight of a wounded and profusely bleeding pet?

A pet parent can never safeguard the pet against accidents, injuries and illnesses. Wounds and injuries associated with accidents can be dealt with easily as the source of the pet’s pain would be apparent. Dogs cannot tell us what ails them thus helping a pet that is in pain would be rather hard for a pet parent. Fortunately, dog owners are highly attuned to the feelings of the pet.

An observant owner can see the pain in the dog’s expression. The change in behavior will show that the pet is sick. Dogs are lively animals but a dog weighed down with pain would refuse to budge. Instead of socializing with the family, the pet will be quiet in one corner. We know how voracious eaters dogs are but a dog that is weighed down with pain would have no interest in food at all.

An owner would do anything to ease the pain and discomfort that overwhelms the pet. However, there are instances when a vet may not be available. An owner may have no other recourse but to rely on his/her own resources. Dog owners in similar situations would have to delve into the contents of the medicine chest. Analgesic is the all-pain relieving medication commonly administered to alleviate the pain being suffered by the pet. To relieve the pain being suffered by the pet, an owner may have no other choice but to give the available non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs that were specifically formulated for humans.

Humans suffer from pain too thus a bottle of aspirin is a mainstay in the medicine chest. Because humans have proven the efficacy of aspirin for pain, this pain wonder drug is given to the pet too. These medications though were prepared for humans thus pet owners would have to estimate the correct dosage for the dog. The rule of thumb in giving pain control medication for the pet is to medicate the dog before the pain becomes intense and to administer lower doses to avoid possible side effects.

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