An invasion of foreign substances will trigger a reaction from the dog’s body. The immune system serves as protectors against foreign substance that will invade the body. Once the presence of antigens is detected, the immune system will send out antibodies that will protect the body from infection. Harmful antigens that can cause infection are viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. The immune system has a very important function of protecting the dog’s body from infectious agents

Unfortunately, the immune system can also overreact and fight harmless substances. Antibodies will be released to fight off the effects of pollen, dust, insect venom, food and medications thereby causing an allergic reaction. Fortunately, not all dogs will show an allergic reaction. But what if your pet is hypersensitive to these substances – can you help the pet by administering first aid?

Common signs of allergic reaction are sneezing, coughing and wheezing as well as immense itching. The dog would have a swollen face,  vomit and at times have diarrhea. Allergens in the environment like pollens and dust causes allergy symptoms to occur. The allergic reaction could have been caused by an insect bite or an ingredient in the food. Allergic reaction would cause immense discomfort but in a lot of cases, the condition is non-life threatening. Mild cases of allergic reaction would not need treatment as the condition normally resolves itself. Nonetheless, emergency treatments would be necessary to save the pet from the immense discomfort. A dog can die from severe case of allergic reaction. Anaphylaxis is an emergency situation. Anaphylaxis that is commonly caused by an insect bite results to the swelling of the airways so that the dog would have breathing difficulties. This type of allergic reaction cannot be treated at home.

Allergic reaction is usually not a serious condition and can be managed at home with first aid treatments. Due to an inquisitive nature, dogs have the tendency to suffer from allergic reactions thus Benadryl and antihistamines are a must in the dog’s first aid kits. Herbal medication is a proven effective first aid method that relieves the itching of the dog’s skin. One effective first aid method for the dog’s itchy skin is to bathe the pet with cold water and oatmeal shampoo. Vinegar compress, baking soda paste and ice packs relieves the pain resulting from insect stings. These home remedies are known to reduce swelling and pain.

Allergic reaction in dogs is hard to prevent given that it would be a tall order to know what substances the pet is hypersensitive to. To be able to administer first aid treatments that will stop an allergic reaction from developing into a serious concern, the pet owner has to be alert to the changes in the pets behavior.  

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