When the dog’s nails go “click, clicking” on the floor as the pet walks, it is the dog owner’s cue to bring out the nail clipper. Trimming the dog’s nails should be made a part of the grooming routine. Long toenails would have an effect on the stride of the dog. Long toenails commonly get broken and cause the dog immense pain and discomfort. Because most dogs would show resistance to nail trimming, owners would often put off this grooming routine. Nail trimming can be a challenge especially if the pet shows resistance as the quick is often cut and results to profuse bleeding.

A cut quick would bleed heavily because of the numbers of capillaries on the nail bed. Pet owners may panic at the sight of the pet’s bleeding toes but this is not really a serious condition. Styptic powder can easily stop the bleeding. Cornstarch or flour are other home remedies that will control the bleeding of the toenails if styptic powder is not available.

The dog owner would be very apprehensive if the pet that has been roaming the streets will enter the house and leave a bloody trail on the floor. Due to the energetic nature of dogs, most dog owner have gotten accustomed to dealing with the scrapes the pet get into. Dogs would often sustain broken toenails.

A broken toenail would not only bleed a lot, it would also cause the dog pain especially if a piece of the torn nail is still attached. The remaining piece of the broken toenail can get snagged on the dog’s blanket or on the dog’s fur and cause bleeding. Because of the bleeding, a broken toenail may appear to be a serious condition but it usually does not need a vet’s attention. Panicking pet owners would bring the dog to the vet but oftentimes the bleeding would have been controlled before arriving at the vet’s.

First aid treatments though would still be needed to ease the discomfort of the pet and to prevent infection. The broken toenail has to be removed. For a broken toenail that is still attached, a nail clipper has to be used. Toenails that are barely attached would be easy to remove. Clean the paw and the toes after the toenail was removed. If the torn nail bleeds again, use gauze to apply pressure to nail to control bleeding. If a large portion of the nail was detached, the pet would need medical attention. The dog has to have antibiotics to prevent infection.

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