Dogs would have an upset stomach at the drop of a hat as aside from being voracious eaters, man’s best friends would ingest anything that would fit into their mouths. Dogs are well loved pets but owners can’t help but be exasperated by the pet’s fondness for eating spoiled food and non-food items. It seems that dogs have insatiable appetites as even well fed ones would still eat inedible things.

There are several reasons why dogs would have an upset stomach. Although the most common culprit is dietary indiscretion, some dogs are noted to have sensitive stomach so that they are predisposed to gastrointestinal concerns. The reason for the stomach upset of some dogs can be as simple as a change in diet or as serious as a pre existing medical condition that weakens the immune system.

As stomach upset is a common concern, taking the dog to a vet may not be necessary. The dog’s condition can be resolved at home and in a day or two the pet would be its usual energetic self again. Having been accustomed to dealing with the upset stomach of the pet, the owner would know how to treat the diarrhea and the vomiting of the pet.

Dogs are naturally energetic but one with an upset stomach will be lethargic because of the pain in the stomach area. Because of the huge appetites, dogs would never say no to ingesting food. A dog with an upset stomach may take a few bites or may altogether turn away from food . As mentioned, stomach upset is not a serious concern but if the pet’s vomit and diarrhea are bloody, the dog must be taken to a veterinary facility immediately. Bloody vomit and diarrhea can be a symptom of a more serious concern.

Resting the stomach is the most common home remedy for upset stomach. Mature dogs can be fasted for 24 hours. Younger ones must be given easy to digest food in smaller amounts. Fasting is done to rest the stomach. Food is withheld but owners must make sure that the dog is drinking enough water. Drinking may exacerbate the abdominal pain thus the dog would refuse to drink. Sufficient water intake is necessary to prevent dehydration. Ice cubes will be more interesting thus the dog will be encouraged to replenish lost fluids. After the stomach has rested, the dog can be allowed to have small amount of boiled chicken and rice.

More information on what you can give my dog for an upset stomach and first aid for dogs can be found at Sarah’s Dogs.

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